I use Google Calendar to schedule and can't edit the interview for a candidate

To edit the interview scheduled with the Google Calendar integration, you must have one of the following things:

  • You must be the original scheduler of the interview.
  • You must have "manage/edit" access to the calendar that the event was scheduled on.

These permissions are based on your Google/Gmail account, and not related to your user permissions in Greenhouse Recruiting.

In other words, if another user scheduled an interview, it was likely scheduled on their personal work calendar associated with their specific Google account, which other users can't modify unless they're given specific permissions.

Best practices

If your organization wants to have multiple users modify a Google calendar, we typically suggest creating a shared calendar in Google and granting manage/edit access to all the users responsible for scheduling. Using a shared calendar ensures that multiple people can update interviews if the original scheduler is unavailable.  Click here for more information on creating a shared calendar.