Why do the candidate calendar files sometimes include HTML?


Why do the calendar files sent to candidates sometimes include HTML? 


This issue is related to how the external calendar displays the .ics file. We can either send it over with HTML or without - however, without HTML, it would be extremely difficult to read the file. 

While these files simply reflect normal HTML, it appears that some external calendars may not display it correctly. However, iCal does seem to display the HTML in code rather than display the intended appearance of the note. 

While we have tried to fix this, it does appear to be a limitation on some external calendars at this time. 

If you have any further questions, please feel free to email support@greenhouse.io 


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Author: Karen Situ
Create Date: [14:21: 05-31-17]
Modified Date: [14:15: 05-31-17]
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