Issues seen with using the @mention feature within scorecards


Why can't I @mention within scorecards? Why aren't my notifications being sent out when I @mention another user within a scorecard?


There are two possible instances where @mentions might not be functioning as expected. 

1. There is a specific method to ensuring that your @mention is captured and highlighted in grey (the grey indicates that a notification will be sent). 

All you need to do is slowly type in the @mention - from there, you'll want to select the name that appears in the dropdown using your arrow keys. You'll also want to select the name by clicking on the enter key rather than selecting the name with your mouse.

See video for reference:

Here is how it would appear if your @mention was successful: 


2. We've found that when @mentioning within a scorecard, certain extensions/plugins could affect the functionality of this feature. We would advise for you to confirm whether you have Grammarly running in the background as this is a known extension on Chrome that affects @mentions within scorecards. 

If the @mention on the scorecard is not highlighted in grey such as the screenshot above, this would indicate that the @mention was NOT successfully captured and no notification will be sent out to the user. 

Please note that the extension should not affect any other parts of the app at this time. 


This applies to all interviewers. 


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Author: Karen Situ
Create Date: [14:10 05-25-17]
Modified Date: [14:10 05-25-17]
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