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Why did I receive this email: "Some interviewers are not authorized on your calendar invite"?

Note: On October 21, 2021, we began deprecating the Interviewer permission level as the final step in our simplified interviewing permissions update. If you do not see the Interviewer permission level available in Greenhouse Recruiting, your organization’s account has been updated already, and references in this article to the Interviewer permission level are no longer applicable. 

After scheduling an interview for an interviewer, you might have received an email with the subject line: "Some interviewers are not authorized on your calendar invite".  This email indicates that at least one of the interviewers added to the invite will not be able to view the interview kit URL for this candidate.

There are a few possible reasons a user would not be able to view this URL:

1. The interviewers are not yet added to the hiring team of your interview
To ensure that interviewers are able to access a candidate's profile for their scorecard, you must make sure that they are added as an interviewer on the Hiring Team page for that job. 

To double check on this, please go through the following steps - Navigate to the specific job > Job Setup > Hiring Team > Scroll down to the "Interviewers" section > Add interviewer

2. The job is closed
Users with "Interviewer" permission on a job's Hiring Team, will only be able to access candidate and associated interview kit URLs for that job while the job is open.  Once the job has been closed, these users will no longer have  are no longer authorized to access candidates within the job. Because of this, you might receive this notification when scheduling interviews for a closed jobs. 

 3. The user has permissions, but the email that was used to schedule the interviewer is not tied to a user account in GH
In order for an interviewer to access candidates within Greenhouse, the email address listed on the interview invite must match the email address they use to access Greenhouse. 




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