Why can't I see some of my custom application questions on the Indeed Apply form?


Why can't I see some of my custom application questions on the Indeed Apply form? 


We will send over all of the supported required questions from your GH application form to their Indeed Apply form. If your job post includes unsupported questions and optional questions, we will NOT send them over to Indeed Apply. 

The following questions are not supported: 

- EU Privacy Notice turned on

- Custom questions that require attachments

- Education field required 

- Employment field required

- Required cover letters

- Optional custom questions


If any job posts have the EU Privacy Notice turned on, custom questions that require attachments, education field required or employment field required, they would not be sent over to the form for Indeed Apply.

Indeed Apply also does not support any questions that are set up as optional - since they are not necessary to fill out. If it is required on the GH form, it will be sent to Indeed. 

Lastly for cover letters, if required, it will no longer allow Indeed Apply and it will designate the candidate to apply on the company's website. 



This applies to all organizations that have turned on Indeed Apply. 


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