Updating a candidate's time zone allows you to create a positive candidate experience by scheduling interviews for a time that works for both the candidate and the interviewer and avoids any mishaps when scheduling across time zones, like having an interview too early or too late in the day.

Candidate's view of their timezone

When you request a candidate's availability, they'll choose the times based on their computer's current timezone.  

Screenshot  of  the  availability  calendar.

View your timezone on the candidate availability request

When you view the availability request, the times will be calculated based on the timezone you selected for your user account in Greenhouse Recruiting.

Screenshot  of  timezone  on  availability  calendar.

Note: Your timezone can be updated in your Greenhouse Recruiting user account. Click here to learn more. 

View candidate's timezone in Greenhouse Recruiting 

The candidate's timezone is available in the Candidate tab of the right panel on their profile. 

You can update this time zone by clicking the Edit button and choosing a new option from the list.