Error when uploading spreadsheet for bulk import

The most likely cause for these errors is multiple email addresses being entered in one row's email column of your csv or Excel file. Also special characters such as accents marks within the spreadsheet can cause issues. Because of this, the first step to take would be to review and go over the spreadsheet to ensure everything appears correctly (without special characters and accents or multiple inputs for email addresses).

If you are certain that there are no special characters, it might still be detected by our app due to invalid UTF-8 characters that can be unseen/invisible. These invalid characters might have been copied over when filling out the spreadsheet so there are multiple troubleshooting steps that can be taken: 

  1. Copy the entire list over to Google Sheets or to a text editor to removing any formatting and paste it back into the spreadsheet 
  2. Manually retype the data within the fields 
  3. If all else fails, please feel free to send the spreadsheet over to and we can look deeper into this. 




Applies-To: [Users with the permission to bulk import prospects]
Keywords: [spreadsheet, bulk import, users, prospects, error]