What can an Interviewer see on an Activity Feed?


What can an Interviewer see on an Activity Feed?


They will be able to view public notes and scorecards. To view scorecards, Interviewers must be enabled to do so from Configure > Permission Policies > All Interviewers. 



This applies to all interviewers. 


[Organizational, historical, and categorization data that shows whether content is in the right general domain, as well as state and usage information that helps would-be users understand how often a KCS article has been reused (to indicate confidence) and its stage in the development life cycle.]

Author: [Olivia Hirsch]
Create Date: [15:46: 05-16-17]
Modified Date: [15:46: 05-16-17]
Keywords: [interviewer, activity feed, permissions]

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    Jill Jubinski

    If we have a single job that we dont want anyone seeing candidate scorecards on, is that possible? or is it 'all or nothing' for the entire site?

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