Permissions: Job Admin and above who have access to CRM

Product tier: Available for Advanced and Expert subscription tiers

Sourcing prospects can be a very fruitful way to get incredibly qualified candidates for a job – yet nurturing them can take time and effort. It's valuable to show stakeholders that the time and energy expended on prospects as a sourcing strategy is worth the investment.

With the prospect conversion report, you can now understand and demonstrate how many of your prospects became candidates, and how far they made it in the recruiting process.

In this article:

Generate a prospect conversion report

To generate a prospect conversion report, select the Ellipsis icon on your navigation bar, then click Reports.

On the Reports Overview page, click Essential Reports.

From the Essential Reports page, scroll to click Prospect Conversion.

The prospect conversion report will generate.

  • The Prospects in Pool / Stage column represents the number of prospects in each pool / stage – including prospects who were in that prospect pool / stage when no longer considered and those that were in that prospect pool / stage when converted to a candidate.

In all other views of this report, depending on what view you select in the Rows dropdown, prospects in pools / stages represent the number of prospects in pools / stages that were either: added to a department or job, came from a specific source, or had a specific prospect owner.

  • The Converted to Candidate column represents how many people out of that initial group of prospects became a candidate for a job.
  • The Assessment, Face to Face, and Offer columns represent how many people out of the initial group of prospects reached these respective pipeline milestones.
  • The Total Hired column represents how many people out of that initial group of prospects were ultimately hired for a job.

When looking at these metrics per prospect stage, the report shows the number of prospects that were converted to candidates and the respective milestones they reached, based on the prospect stage they were in when converted to a candidate.

Prospect conversion report filters

Select Filters and more to filter the prospect conversion report.

The report can be filtered by Rows, Jobs, and Date Added. You can also check the include prospects on no jobs.

Note: The default date added is set to the current year.