Greenhouse Onboarding: Home page for hiring managers

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Product tier: Available for Greenhouse Welcome and Greenhouse Onboarding subscription tiers

When you log into Greenhouse Onboarding, your Home page gives you a quick view into the current status of your new employees. 

The Home page is separated into tables that show relevant information based on your number of hires or other permissions in Greenhouse Onboarding. These pages may change based on your permission levels in the organization. 



The header page provides some quick navigation links to get around the application. You can click any of these links to navigate to that page. 


To update your profile or log out, choose your name in the top right corner of the page.

Pending Hires

The Pending Hires table includes candidates that were marked as hired in Greenhouse Recruiting but still need an onboarding plan in Greenhouse Onboarding. 


To create an onboarding plan for an employee, select their name from the table.

This table will only display to admins who are managing candidates for the organization. 

My Tasks

If you've been assigned any tasks, they will appear in this table. Only the first ten tasks will display - to see a full list of tasks, select See All


Documents to Sign

Any documents that require your signature will appear in the Documents to Sign section. 

After the document is signed, you can download it from this page. To see a full list of documents, click See All

Note: The Documents to Sign section is not included in Greenhouse Welcome. Access to this panel requires a Greenhouse Onboarding subscription.

My New Hires

If you are the Hiring Manager for an incoming employee, they'll display in the My New Hires table. This table will include all candidates with a start date within the next 90 days.

New Hires by Start Date

The New Hires by Start Date table will display for site admins who are managing hires for the entire company. Click here for more information.