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User-Specific Permission: Can create new job stage names (Job Admin only)

We’ve launched another customizable user-level permission to give you more control over your Job Admins and account! Previously, any Job Amin with the “Can edit jobs” permission was able to create new job stage names. Sometimes Job Admins were creating multiple stage names that really represented the same interview in your process, meaning there weren’t always consistent stage names across your company. This led to messy reports and no good way to control what stage names were being created. 

Our newest User-Specific Permission - Can create new job stage names - gives you more flexibility by allowing you to control which Job Admins can create new interview stage names. You can grant or disable this permission by navigating to Configure > Users.



When a Job Admin without this permission visits the Job Setup page and edits a stage, they will be able to select from a list of stage names that exist on at least one job in your account but won’t be able to create new stage names.


By default, all existing Job Admins before this release will inherit the ability the change stage names. A Superuser can adjust this permission for existing and future Job Admins by bulk editing users.