MyAlerts – Greenhouse Job Candidate and Alerting Solution FAQ’s 


The MyAlerts integration with Greenhouse enables organizations to drive job candidate engagement. We do this by capturing job seeker intent as they browse job opportunities on your recruiting site. Our research shows that over 95% of visitors to your career site leave without ever taking action.


Implementing the MyAlerts solution for Greenhouse will enable you to capture candidate interest and intent on the opportunities that job seekers are interested in. 

Capturing Interest on Job Category Pages and Job Detail Pages 

MyAlerts provides a small line of Javascript that provides the UX for a user to signup for similar jobs based on location and Department/Job Title.

Sample Javascript Code:

<script async src=""></script>

The script can run on Job Category Pages, Location Pages, Search Pages, and Job Detail Pages.

A user only has to enter in their email address and they will now start tracking jobs that are similar to the ones they are looking at (department, location).

The UX can be stylized to meet the branding and guidelines for a client’s career site.

Example from MongoDB Career Site


Capturing Interest Using the Greenhouse Job Application Form

MyAlerts can also automatically capture the interest of users who apply for a position. The client only needs to add an Opt-In field to their Job Application Form.

Example from MongoDb Job Application


MyAlerts captures the user’s email address, department and job location via the Greenhouse Webhook. This data is used to sign the user up to receive job alerts for similar jobs. 

Configuring the Web Hook for Job Application


Client/Developer will create a new Web Hook for the Job Application. The Endpoint URL will be provided by MyAlerts. The Endpoint is specific to a client/career site. MyAlerts will also walk the client/developer through the Advanced Settings.


What Triggers a Job Alert?

MyAlerts utilizes the Greenhouse Job List API to search for any new jobs added to the client’s career site/job board.

When a new job is found the MyAlerts system triggers new Job Alerts for anyone interested in the type of job and/or location.

The alert email is designed and configured by MyAlerts to meet the client’s email and brand standards.

Sample Email from a Greenhouse Client


The MyAlerts script captures the email address of the user and the type of job and/or location that they are interested. This information is used to trigger job alerts based on new jobs that match this criteria. 

MyAlerts Job Alerting Platform