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How do I create multiple prospect processes for one person?

Over the past few months, we’ve been expanding prospects to be more powerful and flexible. The first step in this evolution is allowing people in Greenhouse to have multiple prospect processes at the same time. These changes will show up throughout app in various ways - and the details are below!

There can now be many prospect processes and you can *always* add another prospect process 

Right now, you can only add a prospect process to a candidate if they are rejected on ALL of their candidate applications. As well, once a person has a prospect process, you cannot add a new one.

With this release, you can always add a new prospect process to a person regardless of their candidate status. As well, you can add as many prospect processes to a person as you want, rather than being forced to stop at one.

Why? We’ve often heard from customers that the fact that we limit when they can create a prospect process is confusing, painful, and hinders their ability to do work. As well, the fact that someone can only have one prospect process means that people can’t express two or more different prospecting interactions with a person. For example - prospecting someone in 2012 and 2014 will be mashed together in one process - when really they were two totally separate processes.


Converted prospects now show up in the Greenhouse application

Right now, when you convert a prospect to a candidate, they end up with one candidate application and the old prospect process totally disappears from the application. You can’t see really see what they were a prospect for - or when they were added as a prospect - and you can’t search for them at all.

With this release, converted prospect processes will now show up in the app. The two places they will show up are - on the process and in search. You’ll be able to see past converted prospect processes on the process, see them on the candidates tab, and filter for “converted” processes in search. You’ll also see a link to the process they were converted to.

Why? Now that you can have many prospect processes, and we’re letting you report on converted processes, it doesn’t make sense to just magically “hide” these converted apps. Giving people this context and visibility into converted processes should hopefully help folks wrap their heads around a prospect’s history and the various states a prospect can be in.


Merging prospect processes has been updated

Right now, because a person can only have one single prospect process - when we merge two processes that have prospect processes - we smash ‘em together.

With this release, we will now always keep all prospect processes separate, because you can have many of them. No more losing data!

Why? Generally if we can preserve data, it’s our preference to do so!


The order of applications on the process is different

Right now, when you look at a process, the application you’re looking at always appears at the top with other processes below it. The processes below are sorted by application date.

With this release, applications are sorted by [active > inactive, candidate > prospect, last activity]. If two applications tie — like two active prospects, the one with the most recent activity will be first. If the application is down the page - we will auto-scroll you to view the process details.

Why? People are unaware of other applications that are on the processes - and they miss them at the bottom of the page. The goal of putting the application in context is to help spread that knowledge and give the feeling that the whole page is one cohesive process.


You can make a prospect on a department OR office OR job all at the same time

Right now, when you’re creating or editing a prospect you can add them to 1, 2, 3, etc. Jobs OR to a department and/or office combination. 

With this release, when you’re creating or editing a prospect you can add them to 1, 2, 3, etc. Jobs AND/OR a department and/of office combination. With that change - the Add New Referral UI and Add New Prospect UI have slightly changed.

Why? It was an arbitrary limitation that we were applying, and in the future we’re going to soften what it means to be a prospect on a department/office to just mean you find them when searching and filtering - so we’re loosening this limitation to address all the potential use cases for customers.


You can now “Undo” the rejection/conversion on a prospect process (Unreject and Unhire were moved to the left to match)

Right now, you can’t view converted apps so it doesn’t really matter. You can unreject prospect processes.

With this release, you’ll be able to undo those actions. (Note: undoing a converted prospect process does not delete the candidate process that was created via that process).

Why? Making mistakes happens - people should be able to fix those mistakes.


Right Rail on Process Cleanup 

Right now, the right rail is not prioritized well.

With this release, we cleaned up the right rail to support the new functionality and organize actions more.

Why? To improve focus and cleanliness on the page.