Greenhouse Onboarding: New hire dashboard


As a Super Admin or an Admin, you will be able to access the New Hire Dashboard where you can view and manage any of your employees that are going through Onboarding. 

The New Hire Dashboard can be filtered by Start Date, Department, and Location. 

You can access the New Hire Dashboard by going to Admin > New Hires, or by clicking through from the New Hires by Start Date module on the Home page. 





On the New Hires by Start Date module, you can either click through from See All, or select the number of New Hires on a specific start date, and you will be taken to the New Hire Dashboard. 

Note: The signature request feature is not included in Greenhouse Welcome. Access to this feature requires a Greenhouse Onboarding subscription.






  1. To add a New Hire manually, select Add a New Hire 
  2. You can filter your New Hire Dashboard by Start Date, Department, or Location. Every time you set a filter, the url will update, allowing you to bookmark your Filtered results
  3. Clicking on a new hire, will take you to the Task Page of their profile