Greenhouse Onboarding 2.0: Phase One FAQ for Admins

  1. Where are my Tasks notifications?
    • Your Tasks will now be visible on your Home page under My Tasks. The first ten Tasks will be listed, and you can click through on See All to see all Tasks assigned to you.
  2. How do I access my Pending Hires? 
    • Your Pending Hires will now be listed on your Home page in the Pending Hire module
    • You will be able to see the Pending Hire's Name, Start Date, Department, and Location only if you have brought that over from Greenhouse Recruiting
  3. Where is the Dashboard that shows all my New Hires? 
    • The Dashboard can be accessed on the New Hires by Start Date module, or by going to Admin > New Hires. 
    • You can learn more about the Dashboard here
  4. How do I access my Reports?
    • Reports can now be accessed under Admin > Reports
  5. How do I access my Settings? 
    1. Settings can now be accessed under Admin > Settings
  6. Will anything change about how I add new employees' to Greenhouse Onboarding? 
    • No, for the time being nothing will change about how New hires or Pending Hires are onboarded
    • Nothing will change about the New Hire experience either
  7. Can I pull a report on upcoming Anniversaries and Birthdays?  
    • You can pull a report on Start Date and Birthdays by going to Admin > Reports 
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