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Who can manage Job Approvals & Offer Approvals?

Note: This feature is only available to Pro and Enterprise customers.

Previously, only Site Admins could edit the Approval flows for jobs and offers. We now have two brand new job-level permissions to expand this ability to Job Admins! Job Admins with either of these permissions have more flexibility and control over their jobs without needing Site Admin access.

Granting the permission

To enable this permission, head to Configure > Permission Policies > See and manage job admin levels. The two new permissions are nested underneath Can see private notes, salary info, manage offers, and approve jobs/offers and once this permission is checked, you’ll be able to select two additional permissions for Job Admins:

  • Can manage job approvals
  • Can manage offer approvals

By default, existing Job Admins will not have either of these permissions enabled.


Managing Job Approvals

Users with a Job Admin level that includes the permission for Can manage job approvals will be able to edit and manage Job Approvals. Once a job is created, Job Admins will see the pencil edit icon on the Approvals tab. They’ll be able to edit the approval flow on a Draft job by adding approval steps, changing the order of approvals, and switching to 1- or 2-stage job approvals. This permission will not allow Job Admins to approve the job on behalf of another user.


Managing Offer Approvals

Similarly, Users with a Job Admins that includes the permission for Can manage offer approvals will be able to change and manage Offer Approval chains on a job and on individual candidates. On a job’s Approvals tab, these Job Admins can edit the default Offer Approval flow.


They can also make edits the the Approval Details on an individual candidate. This permission does not allow Job Admins to approve an offer on another user’s behalf.