Who can manage agency recruiters?

Previously, only Site Admins could manage agency recruiters. This included creating or disabling specific recruiters and controlling the jobs where they had access to submit candidates.

We know that you might want to have more control over who can engage with new agencies, sign contracts, and invite new recruiters to your account. However, you also want more flexibility so your team can add trusted agency recruiters to specific jobs.

To empower other users to share the responsibility of managing agencies, we’ve created two new permissions:

  • A user-specific permission enabling Job Admins to invite and deactivate agency recruiters to your account
  • A job-specific permission enabling Job Admins to add or remove agency recruiters on specific jobs where they have permission (Standard and Premium customers only)

Who can invite and deactivate agency recruiters? 

To enable users to invite and deactivate new agencies and add or remove agency recruiters, navigate to Configure > Users and click on a user. Click the checkbox Can invite and deactivate agency recruiters and Save. By default, only Superusers will inherit this permission.


Standard and Premium organizations can also bulk edit users to enable this permission for many users at once.


When users with this permission navigate to the Sourcing > Agencies page from the All Jobs or Dashboard tabs, they can now click on the Add Agency and Add Recruiter buttons. They’ll also be able to disable individual recruiters or deactivate entire agencies.  


Who can add or remove agencies from specific jobs?

This feature is limited to Standard and Premium customers.

To give users permission to assign agencies to specific jobs, create a custom Job Admin level by heading to Configure > Permission Policies > See and manage job admin levels and check the box for the new permission stripe Can add and remove agencies from jobs.


Any users with this custom Job Admin level will be able to Assign Another Agency to a job or by clicking on a recruiter’s name, can Add/Remove Jobs where that agency recruiter can submit candidates.


Job Admins will only be able to assign or remove agency recruiters on jobs where they have the job admin level with this agency permission enabled. By default, only Superusers will inherit this permission.


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