How do I filter reports by relative dates?

When analyzing your recruiting process, it’s important to have the correct dataset and the right filters to get you there. Greenhouse’s reports give users many different ways to filter and look at your data, but it’s not always easy to choose the correct date range when pulling reports for “last quarter” or “this week.” 

We’ve made this easier than ever with our newest improvement to reports -- relative dates -- giving you even more flexibility and control over reporting without needing to download your data and manipulate it in Excel.  

Using Relative Dates

Head to the Reports tab and click on a report. Next, click Change Filter. A window will appear allowing you to customize the data that will be included in your report. You’ll notice the typical date filters have been replaced by a new option at the top of the window -- By Period of Time. 

You can still select a custom date range but can now also choose from preset date ranges calculated for you.


Click Select a Date Range to show a dropdown of choices.


Selecting Custom Range will allow you to manually input a date range by which to filter your report.


 Selecting any of the other preset date ranges for Year, Quarter, Month, Week, or Days will calculate date ranges for you based on the schedule below:


Please note: Relative dates will be calculated based on the Greenhouse timezone set for the user running the report. Follow these steps to confirm your Greenhouse timezone: 

  • Click on Hi, [your name] at the top right of the page
  • Click on My Info
  • Check your timezone in the Personal Information module and click Edit if you need to change it

The relative dates you select will be reflected in the report’s URL, so you can bookmark this link and return to it at any time to pull the same data without reapplying your filters.

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  • Avatar
    Jidapha Yiamsawas

    Hi there,
    In case of many roles opened. Do we have any functionality to filter for job priority when we send the report to hiring manager?

  • Avatar
    Michelle Mesch

    Hi there Jidapha!

    Thanks for reaching out! Happy to help here.

    There isn't a specific function to filter by Job priority. The default filter will set to Open Jobs, and will filter them alphabetically in a report such as All Jobs Summary. That being said, you can adjust the filter to only show specific Jobs or criteria by clicking on "Filters and More," and then "Change Filter."

    When filtering by Job, you can select by Job Status or Privacy, Offices, Users in certain Roles, and then you can select or deselect by Department or Specific Job or Job Posts. Then you'd click "Apply Filters," and this will generate a new report with these changes you've applied.

    I hope this helps! If you need anything further please let me know. I'll be happy to help. Take care and have a great day!


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