Greenhouse Onboarding: New Improvements in Phase One

We're updating Greenhouse Onboarding! Over the next several months, we will be rolling out new improvements and features, in phases. To learn more about all of the upcoming changes, check out our FAQ. 

Below we'll review all the changes to expect in your account during Phase One. These changes will be released into your account between the end of April and the beginning of May. Before these releases are in your account, we will make sure you and your team have been alerted. 


What's going away

  • The current Homepage, including all of the content currently displayed on it:
    • Growth Chart
    • Employee Anniversary box
    • Employee Birthday box
    • New Hires starting box
    • Did You Know? box
  • Offboarding Dashboard - The ability to Offboard employees will be phased out starting with Phase One, because the new GHO features are not compatible with Offboarding. The Offboarding Dashboard will no longer be available starting with Phase One, however, you will still be able to initiate Offboarding on an employee's profile. Starting in Phase 3, Offboarding will be completely removed from the account. 
  • Org Chart - The Org Chart will no longer be available in the Directory 
  • Company Page - The Company page and it's content will still be available under the Settings menu. The content will no longer be visible to regular employees who log into Greenhouse Onboarding, but will still be visible in the New Hire Onboarding flow. 
  • Dashboard - The Dashboard will still be accessible to Admins and Super Admins, but will be accessed through the Home page. Details are listed in the "What's being added" section. 
  • Task Notification Bubble - All Tasks, Documents, and Pending Hires, which were previously accessed by selecting the red Notification Bubble, will be visible on the Home Page. 


What's being added

  • New Look - 4/14

On Friday, April 14, we'll be releasing a new look for Greenhouse Onboarding. No functionality will be changing at this time

  • Old Look: 


  • New Look: 



Custom Home Page based on Role

  • What is it? We will be removing the current Homepage, including all of the content currently displayed on it, such as Posts, Birthday Announcements, Anniversary Announcements, New Hire Announcements, and the Growth Chart. In its place, each user will have a custom homepage based on their Role. 
  • Admin/Super Admin Homepage: If you are an Admin or Super Admin, you will see a list of your pending hires, a list of your new hires, and any outstanding tasks or documents.



  • Hiring Manager Homepage: Hiring Managers will see a summary of their new direct reports, as well as any Tasks or Documents they need to sign




  • New Hire/Existing Employee Homepage: Regular employees will see any Tasks and Documents assigned to them.




New Hire Class

  • What is it? On the Admin and Super Admin homepages, new hires will be grouped by start date, so that you can easily view your New Hires by start date. 



New Hire Dashboard

  • What is it? The New Hire Dashboard will replace the existing Dashboard. It will be accessible on the Homepage for Admins and Super Admins. The New Hire Dashboard will allow you to filter your New Hires by Department, Location, and Start Date. You will also be able to sort by Name, Start Date, Location, Department, Tasks, or Documents. 
  • Old Dashboard: 



  • New Dashboard: 



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