We’ve improved candidate applications to be more flexible and help customers track historical application data through different hiring situations. Right now, a single candidate can have tons of applications, but only one application per job. Why would a company want to record the same candidates on a job multiple times?

  • Companies that hire short-term or contract employees are forced to keep profiles unmerged or risk losing data from the hired application when candidates are put through an interview process again
  • If an applicant was previously-rejected, companies might want to keep their previous scorecards, application questions, and application custom fields separate from a fresh new application

To help solve these issues and give companies more insight into candidate interactions over time, we’re launching Multiple Candidate Applications per Job.

How does it work?

This feature will support any number of Rejected and Hired applications on a single Job, but a candidate can still only have one Active application at a time.

Once a candidate has been Rejected or Hired on a Job, you’ll have the option to start a new application for that same job by clicking the Add, Transfer, or Remove Candidate’s Jobs button on the right side of the profile. If you select Add or Transfer, the list of jobs will include jobs where the candidate currently has a Rejected or Hired application as long as they don’t also have an Active application.


If a candidate applies to the same job after their status has changed to Rejected or Hired, a new application will be added to their profile without overriding the old one. While merging and auto-merge will still function the same, each application and its data will remain separate.


If a candidate already has an Active application on a Job and they apply again, the two profiles will merge and the primary application information will be retained.

Applications on the candidate profile will be sorted by [active > inactive, candidate > prospect, last activity]. If two applications tie — like two active candidates on separate jobs -- the one with the most recent activity will be first. If the application is down the page - we will auto-scroll you to view the process details.