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How do I configure where Job Admins can create jobs?

This feature is limited to Standard and Premium customers.

Right now, Job Admins with the permission to create new jobs can make a new job anywhere across the org. Our newest user-level permission allows you to limit which Departments or Offices someone can create new jobs in, giving you more control over your account and Job Admins.

This feature also makes it easier for Job Admins to choose the right options when creating new jobs because they’ll only see a list of Departments/Offices relevant to them, and should decrease the amount of account auditing, too!

To enable this permission, head to Configure > Users.


Make sure the ‘Can create new jobs and request job approvals’ box is checked. After choosing the default role this user should have when creating new jobs and deciding whether to grant them permission to create confidential jobs, you’ll see two new permission boxes:

  • Limit job creation to specific office(s)
  • Limit job creation to specific department(s)

If you check either of these boxes, you’ll be able to select any combination of your organization’s Departments or Offices where this Job Admin should be able to create new jobs.


With this configuration enabled, when Job Admins create a new job or edit the Job Info page for an existing job, they will only see the Department/Office options they’re able to access.

By default, any existing Job Admins with the ‘Can create new jobs and request job approvals’ permission will be able to create new jobs in any Department or Office. A Site Admin can adjust this permission for existing and future Job Admins by bulk editing users.