Greenhouse Onboarding: Upcoming Changes

How can I join the Beta?

If you're interested in joining the Beta for Greenhouse Onboarding, please opt in by fill out this form

If you join the Beta, you and your entire account will have access to the new Greenhouse Onboarding features before anyone else. We may also ask you to fill out a short survey about your experience. 


What changes are happening?

In the coming months we will be making some exciting changes to Greenhouse Onboarding, that will make it easier to manage your onboarding plan, track it’s success, and engage other essential stakeholders of onboarding, like hiring managers.

Multiple new features will be rolling out in phases over the next few months. The features in the first phase we’ll be rolling out include:

  • A new look and navigation that will make it easier to manage your onboarding plan in one place
  • A personalized homepage for Admins, Hiring Managers, and Employees that clearly outlines what work needs to be completed
  • A New Hire Dashboard that will allow Admins to sort, filter, and search New Hires making it easier to track how a New Hire’s onboarding is progressing

In an effort to make the onboarding process more streamlined, we will also be removing the current homepage, which features Anniversary announcements, Birthday announcements, and the Growth Chart. We will also be removing the Org Chart and Offboarding in the first phase.

In later phases we will release features including:

  • Predictive tasks, which make it possible to automatically assign Tasks based on a New Hire’s Department, Location, or Employment type
  • Custom Permissions that will allow Hiring Managers to create their own onboarding plans
  • Outcomes, which will collect feedback from your New Hire during the onboarding process so you can track your onboarding program’s success
  • Additional email configurations that will give you greater control around when and how your emails go out
  • Built in best practices, so you can easily see what good onboarding program looks like


When can I expect to see changes in my account?

We will be rolling out changes in phases over the next few months.

The first phase will include changes listed in questions #1 and will be released in about a month. We will share the exact release date with you in the coming weeks.

Throughout the process, we will keep you and your team informed and let you know what you’ll need to do to prepare.


How can I see what the changes will look like?

We will send out an email with images and a video preview of the changes so that you will be able to review the changes before they are added to your account. This email will be sent a few weeks before the changes are live in your account.


What is the cost of the new features?

The changes are included in your existing contract price.


Will my New Hires be affected by these changes?

The New Hire experience will not be changing, and will continue to look and function as it does today.



Are these changes only for my Admins and Super Admins, or will my regular employees be affected too?

These changes will be visible to all employees, including your existing employees that do not have Admin or Super Admin permissions.



What changes can my existing employees expect to see?

Existing employees will have their own Homepage that will outline any Tasks or Documents they need to complete.

They will no longer be able to see items like Anniversary Announcements, Birthday Announcements, or the Growth Chart.



I don’t want to lose the Offboarding functionality, is there a way to keep it? 

If you’d like to keep the Offboarding functionality, please reach out to your Account Manager to discuss options.



I don’t want these changes, can I keep the old Greenhouse Onboarding?

If you do not want to see the changes in your account until a later date, please reach out to your Account Manager and we can provide some other options. However, we will discontinue support of the old Greenhouse Onboarding in June 2017.

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