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I use TalentWall. What does the integration look like? How do I enable it?

TalentWall presents candidate data as a Card Wall (like Trello, Jira, etc). The columns represent chronological interview stages as they are set up in Greenhouse, and the cards represent the candidates. The data is automatically imported from the Greenhouse Harvest API. TalentWall also allows you to move candidates from stage to stage by dragging and dropping candidate cards, and those changes are reflected in Greenhouse.  
Here are the setup instructions.

1. A Greenhouse admin creates a Harvest API key:

2. The user goes to, creates an account, and confirms their email address.  The email address used with TalentWall should match an email address associated with the Greenhouse account.
3. They login to and enter their Harvest API key. 
4. The user creates 3 webhooks in Greenhouse ( The webhook Endpoint URLs are slightly different for every account, but for each account they appear here: 
Each Webhook should have the Secret Key set to the value of  "webhook token" listed on
Then "When" selector on the "Create Webhook" form should be set according to each webhook:
- The "stage_change" webhook should be set to "Candidate has changed stage"
- The "updated" webhook should be set to "Candidate or Prospect updated"
- The "rejected" webhook should be set to "Candidate or Prospect rejected"
5. The user can click "import" on their TalentWall account. It should create a Wall for the user within a few minutes (although for very large accounts it can take longer). The wall should automatically receive candidate stage changes and rejections (thanks to the webhooks).