Greenhouse Onboarding: Exporting new hire data


The information you collect from your New Hires may need to be shared with other systems or departments. Maybe your IT team needs to know which computer options the employee selected, or maybe you want New Hire data to automatically port over to your HRIS. Greenhouse Onboarding provides a variety of options for you to export your New Hire information and share it with other employee's, teams, or systems. 


Custom Reports

What it is: Greenhouse Onboarding's reports can be customized to report on any custom fields that are being collected from the New Hire, and can also be filtered by any custom field, allowing you to narrow your results down by an employee's start date or department (as example). Reports have unique urls making it easy to share custom reports between Admins and Super Admins and can also be exported to a .csv

You should use it if: You need a simple spreadsheet with employee data

What you need to set it up: Reports are available in your account by default, and can be built and accessed by any Admins or Super Admins 


HRIS Integrations

What it is: Our integrations provide a 2-way sync with your HRIS that ensures that your employee roster in Greenhouse Onboarding will stay up to date. We will push New Hire data to your HRIS either automatically or on command, and will receive information back from your HRIS during a nightly sync. 

You should use it if: You want to automatically send custom fields you've collected from a New Hire to your HRIS and are using an HRIS that Greenhouse Onboarding currently integrates with.

What you need to set it up: You will need to have an active account with one of the products we integrate with. Set up time and complexity will vary. Click on the links below to learn more. We currently integrate with: