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Enable Employment Screening Resources (ESR)

The Employment Screening Resources (ESR) integration allows you to automatically take newly-hired candidates from Greenhouse and add them to Employment Screening Resources for background screenings.

In this article, we will cover how to enable the ESR integration within Greenhouse. For more information on how to use the integration to automatically add new hires to Employment Screening Resources, visit: ESR Features.


1. Gather Necessary Information from Employment Screening Resources

Before you begin linking your Greenhouse account to ESR, you will need two key pieces of information: an endpoint URL and a secret key. Both pieces can be gathered by contacting your ESR Customer Success Manager. 


2. Confirming Permissions to Manage and Configure Web Hooks

If you do not have permission to manage and configure web hooks already, you will need a Site Admin with Advanced permissions within your organization to enable this permission for your account.

To have the permission enabled for your user account, a Site Admin with Advanced permissions should log into their respective account and click on the Configure tab from the Dashboard.

Using the left-hand panel, they should navigate to the Users tab and choose [Your Name] from the list of active users. 


From your User profile, the Site Admin can enable the permission to manage and configure web hooks from the User-specific permissions panel. Click Save when done. 


The Site Admin should repeat this process for any user that should have access to this integration. 


3. Create Web Hooks

Once you have the necessary information from your ESR Customer Success Manager and configured your user account permissions within Greenhouse, you are ready to initiate the link between your Greenhouse account and ESR.

From your Greenhouse account, click on the Configure tab from your Dashboard, and navigate to Dev Center on the left-hand panel. Click on Web Hooks.


From the Web Hooks page, click Web Hooks.


To create a new web hook, you will need to configure the parameters using the endpoint URL and secret key gathered in Step 1. We've included a guide to assist you in configuring your web hook. To input your ESR username and password, click Advanced settings...


Name this web hook ESR Web Hook API
When Candidate has been hired
Endpoint URL provided by ESR
Secret Key provided by ESR
Username ESR account ID:ESR username. Example: 12345:acmeinc
Password ESR admin password

When you have finished configuring the necessary fields, click Create Web Hook. That's it! Your Greenhouse account and Employment Screening Resources account are now linked.


4. Configure Custom Options

Now that your Greenhouse account is connected to ESR , you only need to create a custom offer field to add the candidate's ESR Background Check package.

To configure this custom field, click on the Configure tab from your Dashboard, and navigate to Custom Options from the left-hand panel. From the Custom Options page, under the Company Custom Fields header, click Offers.


Click Add Field.


From the Create New Offer Field dialog box, configure the details for the new offer field. For your convenience, we've included a guide to assist you in filling those details.

Field ESR BGC Package
Type Single Select
Options This is where you will add the ESR package
Required Check this box


When you have finished configuring your new offer field, click Save

For more information on how to use the integration to automatically add new hires to Employment Screening Resources, visit: ESR Features


Other Options

ESR’s API supports the pre-population of any type of information needed to conduct the background check (employment, education, references, addresses) as well as the ability to post a link back to the report.  This is not currently part of the standard web hook. 

After using the integration, you may decide you want to share more info between Greenhouse and Employment Screening Resources. If you would like additional information transferred over as part of the integration, please reach out to your dedicated Client Services Representative at Employment Screening Resources to discuss any changes.  The Employment Screening Resources team can be reached at (888) 999.4474 or


For information on how the integration works once it's been enabled, please view this short demo video:


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