How to enable the integration

  1. Connect your Greenhouse account with Hachi using oAuth.
    1. Login to Hachi
    2. Go to Settings page
    3. Click on the connect button next to 'Greenhouse'.
    4. It will open Greenhouse OAuth window asking you to authorize Hachi to use your Greenhouse account. Enter your email address (associated with your Greenhouse account) and click 'Next Step'.                                        
  2. Then come back to Hachi Settings page. It will ask you to submit your Greenhouse Harvest API token.
    1. Login to your Greenhouse dashboard
    2. Click 'Configure'
    3. Click 'Dev Center'
    4. Click 'API Credential Management'
    5. There, you can find your Harvest API token. Copy that.
  3. You are all set now. Hachi will automatically fetch open jobs from your Greenhouse account.

 How to use the integration

  1. Once your Greenhouse and Hachi accounts are connected, Hachi automatically fetches your open job openings from Greenhouse. You can view these jobs on the Jobs page on your Hachi dashboard.
  2. When your employees refer friends, Hachi pushes them to your Greenhouse account. 
  • You can view these referrals within your Greenhouse account --> Candidates.
  • Each referral is marked as a 'Prospect' for the specific job for which s/he was referred. In the screenshot below, you can see that the highlighted referral has been added as a 'Prospect' for the job 'Data Scientist'.
  1. Detailed information about each referral can be found on the candidate's profile page on your Greenhouse dashboard.
  • Candidate's Name
  • Title
  • Current Company
  • Social Profiles
  • Email
  • Resume
  • Referred by (employee name)