PayScale is a compensation software and data company that helps employers manage employee compensation, and helps employees understand their worth in the job market.

Greenhouse Recruiting's integration with PayScale allows users to access PayScale salary reports directly from the new job setup flow.

Enable the PayScale integration with Greenhouse Recruiting

To begin, click Integrations at the top of your Greenhouse Recruiting dashboard.

Use the search bar to search for PayScale. Click PayScale from the search results.

Screenshot of the integration search bar.

Click Connect within the Payscale integration window.

Screenshot of the connect button.

A banner appears confirming you've successfully connected the integration.

Use the PayScale integration with Greenhouse Recruiting

When creating a new job in Greenhouse Recruiting, a link to access the compensation report from PayScale is now visible.

Click Get compensation report from Payscale.

Screenshot of the create a job page.

The link directs you to Payscale to log in and view the report.

Additional resources 

For questions about the integration not covered here, contact your PayScale customer service representative directly at: