Deactivate lookup credits for your organization

Permissions: Site Admin who can edit another user's advanced permissions

Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers

You can deactivate lookups for your organization to prevent Sourcing Automation users from performing email or phone lookups for prospects.

Note: This article is for deactivating lookup credits at the organization level. Click here to learn how to configure email lookup priorities for your individual account.

Deactivate lookup credits

Navigate to Configure Sourcing Automation.

On the Sourcing Automation page, scroll to General settings.

Click to uncheck Use lookups to find prospect email addresses.

Sourcing Automation page in Configure with lookups turned off and highlighted under General settings

Note: If your organization has phone number lookups turned on, the Allow phone number lookups in the Chrome extension permission stripe will be turned off automatically when you deactivate email lookups.

Lookups are now turned off for your organization.

When Sourcing Automation users try to update their email lookup priority, they'll see an alert that lookups have been turned off for your organization.

Screenshot of personal Sourcing Automation settings with lookup credits turned off

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