Allowlist IP addresses for Business Intelligence Connector

Permissions: Basic user and above with the user-specific permission 'Manage and configure BIC'

Product tier: Available for Expert subscription tier

Once Business Intelligence (BI) Connector is enabled for your organization, you'll need to allowlist the IP addresses that require access to your organization's data. Allowlisting by IP address helps improve your organization's data security, by only granting access to those who need it.

Allowlist IP addresses for Business Intelligence Connector

To allowlist IP addresses for Business Intelligence Connector, click the Configure Configure icon icon on your navigation bar, then click Dev Center on the left.

Screenshot of Configure > Dev Center button

Click Business Intelligence Connector.

Screnshot of Configure > Dev Center > Business Intelligence Connector button

Click Configure beside your preferred ETL method.

Screenshot of Configure Redshift settings button

Note: To compare both ETL methods, check out: Redshift vs. S3 for Business Intelligence Connector.

Next, scroll to the Add IP addresses into allowlist section, and enter the IP addresses you wish to allowlist.

Screenshot of Add IP addresses into allowlist field

Separate IP addresses by line.

You can also allowlist IP addresses by ranges.

Note: You must enter IP addresses in IPv4 format. Only public IP addresses can be allowlisted. If you enter a private IP address, you'll receive an error.

Tip: Check out a subnet calculator to verify valid IP ranges.

When finished, click Save.

Troubleshoot allowlist errors

If you're receiving an error when attempting to allowlist an IP address for Business Intelligence (BI) Connector, check out the following possible solutions:

  1. Ensure the IP address you're attempting to allowlist is a public IP address. Private IP addresses, like those belonging to modems, cannot be allowlisted.
  2. Ensure the IP address you're entering is in IPv4 format. IPv6 addresses will result in an error.
  3. Double-check that you're allowlisting a valid IP address range. You can use tools like subnet calculators to verify your range is valid and doesn't include too many addresses.
  4. If you're still receiving an error, reach out to Greenhouse Support.